Monday, February 13, 2006

Radio-Time GospelFest Hour

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day!

Hands of Love was approached by WBNH 88.5 FM (Peoria's Moody affiliate) to take over production of their hour-long southern gospel radio program "Southern Gospel Moments" which airs five times a week. We have always had a great relationship with WBNH and are thrilled with this new ministry partnership.

I will be hosting the program and it will now be called "Radio-Time GospelFest Hour." In addition to the great current southern gospel hits, we'll also be featuring many of the older pioneer groups, such as the Goodmans, Speers, Blackwoods and Statesmen, in many of their classic recordings. We also hope to do interviews with artists and other special features.

We're currently working on the pilot episode, which hopefully will air sometime in March. We're very excited about this new venture for Hands of Love and WBNH!