Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! What a wonderful time of year--made even more appreciable by the beautiful weather, blooming forscythia, lilacs, daffodils, green grass, warm temps...

The Radio Time GospelFest Hour has been in full swing now for two weeks and is being received very graciously. Be sure to listen every weeknight at 7:00 on WBNH 88.5FM or on the web at This week's programs have been all about the Cross, the Blood, and Calvary.

Hands of Love is working on a new look to their website and it's really starting to take shape. You can check out the GospelFest Productions section and find out about all of our GospelFest concerts, pictures of the singers, listening samples from our soon-to-be-released CD, songbook orders, etc. Check it out!

Clara's finally walking--she' so cute watching her toddle, fall over, get back up while laughing, etc. How exciting!

Happy Easter!