Monday, November 13, 2006

Christmastime GospelFest

Well, it's been a while!

We had a BLAST with Ben & Allison Durham Speer at the Summertime GospelFest. I got to sing a couple songs with them and they really enjoyed themselves as well. Allison also did a great job on the RiverLife cruise the next evening.

Last month, we had the first annual HarvestTime GospelFest at the Zion Oaks Tabernacle. The week prior had been nice and warm, but the day of the concert was nice and nippy--about 45 or 50 degrees outside. It was still a great concert and we had about 150 people there--all bundled up in coats and blankets. Lots of fun.

Christmastime GospelFest is in less than a month and we've sold quite a few tickets so far. We'll be doing some great southern gospel and traditional Christmas music as well. We'll even throw in a couple of "original" songs--one written by me and the other co-written with Scott Kramer.

I've almost sold out of my third printing of the "Convention Hallelujahs!" songbook and am considering printing a new book next year--either a 2nd book of convention favorites or a bok featuring the songs of Dad Speer--a work that's been in progress for a couple years now. Not sure yet which we'll do.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!