Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ministry Updates

Hello all. Wanted to let you know about the start date for Radio Time GospelFest Hour. The past couple weeks have truly been a learning experience as we've been putting shows together. I certainly hope it gets quicker as I get more used to it. I've completed almost two weeks' worth of shows and hope to be three weeks ahead by the time the show starts airing on April 3rd... Yes, the Radio Time GospelFest Hour begins April 3rd and 7:00pm and will run Monday through Fridays on WBNH 88.5 FM or on the web at We're very excited about this ministry opportunity. We're also putting together a program for our ministry events as well as a poster/flier for the GospelFest concerts.

A couple weeks ago, we presented "An Evening with Fanny Crosby" at Highview Church of God in Washington, IL, and at Grace Evangelical Church in Morton, IL. This is a great presentation on Fanny Crosby's life and many of her hymns she wrote.

With Degenhart Music, I've also been very busy with a variety of things. I'm doing the typesetting for a book that will be published by Harold Timmons later this spring. It's a compilation (the first of several volumes) honoring the Chuck Wagon Gang. Harold played for the Chucks and is now putting together songbooks featuring many of the songs they're known for. I've also been doing some typesetting for a songwriter from Chicago, IL, and am working on a songbook project for the Ruppes, a women's family trio from North Carolina.

Busy, busy, busy...