Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tracking in Nashville

Hello! Scott Kramer and I just returned from Nashville from a 2-day session recording rhythm tracks for this year's Summertime GospelFest. We had an awesome time and made a lot of great music. All of our musicians play or have played on the Gaither homecoming videos and were wonderful to work with:

Tommy Cooper, engineer
Tracey Phillips, piano
Kevin Williams, guitar
Jimmy Carter, drums
Jerry Kroon, bass

We recorded 15 songs in 2 days. Each day had a morning and afternoon session. We also got some new Christmas songs recorded that we'll be using for Christmastime GospelFest. We'll definitely be going back to do more. It's amazing the talent God has given all of them.

Ben Speer also stopped by the studio to look over a rough copy of the Dad Speer songbook I'm publishing. He really liked the pictures that had been included and while we were down there, I received the foreword that Bill Gaither wrote for this book--very exciting! I hope to have it to the printer by the end of March, so it should be available by early May.

I'll be posting some pictures from the session, hopefully later today.